Bollywood Star, Actor Salman Khan Robbed at a Night Club

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Robbed in a Night Club in Bandra Mumbai

Now, Bollywood Star, Actor Salman Khan Robbed at a Night Club.


Salman Khan was robbed by a gang of girls. Are you amazed? This is no stunt for publicity, It is a real fact. This reminds of a scene from a famous hit movie “Dil Chahta Hai” where Saif Ali Khan was robbed by a female. Well, Salman had similar experience at a night club.

Bollywood star actor salman khan was robbed recently in a night club at bandra in mumbai
Recently Salman was at a popular Bandra Night Club when a group of 4 girls introduced themselves as his fans. Based on the reports, Salman had kept all his belongings on the table and later he realised them missing when the girls left. Among the list of missing items were, Salman’s sun glasses, wallet, pendant. He immediately raised an alarm with his security, but by then the girls had whisked away. Salman khan was advised to file a complaint at a local police station but the actor refused to do so and instead decided to upgrade his security further.

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